A Summer Breeze by Colette Caddle


Format: Paperback
Published: 26th March 2015
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Pages: 400 Pages

The Blurb
She’s made mistakes, but doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? The magical new bestseller from Irish number one bestselling author Colette Caddle

All Zoe Hall has ever wanted to do is act, then love got in the way of her dreams. But now that she has divorced her husband and come home to Dublin, she is determined to get her career back on track. It’s easier said than done though and she earns just as much helping out her caterer friend, Tara Devlin, as she does from acting. 

Finally she is offered a juicy part courtesy of Tara’s famous actor father and heart-throb, Terence Ross. It looks like finally Zoe is going to get a chance to show off her talents – or is she? 

At a time when she should be concentrating solely on her acting role, Zoe finds herself drawn deep into the lives, loves and heartaches of the people around her, not least that of her beloved brother, Shane. Consumed by her need to help, Zoe is in grave danger of missing out on her second chance, a chance that may also be her last…

Rating : 4/5

The Review
I won A Summer Breeze (and other books) from books in the city – so thank you for the copy!

Zoe is an actress trying to land the ultimate part, but alas, she only seems to be staged in minor roles. You’d think her scriptwriting brother Shane would put a word in for her, however he seems pre-occupied with the changes in his own life. But things are only around the corner and Zoe has a lot of excitement to look forward to.

Zoe and Shane are like partners in crime and they certainly have a strong brother and sister relationship, even if Zoe isn’t always so complimentary! I’m not sure if I’m a fan of Shane’s womanising ways.

The story essentially revolves around Zoe’s excitement at landing a great role – thanks to her best friend’s dad Terence. Zoe and Terence immediately have chemistry together, which at first I felt appropriate, but after a while creepy. I’m not sure why, but I always felt like Terence was up to no good and at one point I actually feared for Zoe’s safety – do not ask me why, I just did not like Terence’s character, at all.

Shane’s character is probably the one who most hides the secrets – they’re dark, sad and emotional. You don’t find out what he’s hiding until near the very end and for someone that hates predicted scenarios, I liked it.

For the first novel I have read of Colette’s I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The text was fluid and incredibly easy to read, which is probably why I read it so quickly. If you’re after a relaxing; feel – good read, A Summer Breeze is for you!

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