I hope you dance by Beth Moran


Format: Paperback
Publisher: Lion Hudson
Publisher: 18th September 2015
Pages: 378 Pages

The Blurb
“My Mother always told me I had lousy timing. Of course, she was talking about the Viennese waltz, the Argentinian tango and the foxtrot. My current timing issue involved five Chinese businessmen and a psychological breakdown.”

All Ruth had ever wanted to do was marry David Carrington, the boy-next-door. They would spend their days counting frogs and live in the Big House with the wonky dog. Instead David broke Ruth’s heart and she left Southwell, promising never to return. Fifteen years on Ruth has hit rock bottom. There is no way out. Except one…Ruth moves home to face her estranged father, whirlwind mother, and the boy-next-door. A quirky story of loss and hope, friendship and love, and daring to dance again.

Rating: 4/5

The Review
Thank you to Lion Hudson and Midas PR for sending me an ARC to read and review. Also, a great big thank you for letting me be a part of the blog tour.

Ruth’s husband has passed away in a car accident and has left a mountain of secret debt, which leads to Ruth moving back to her childhood home. She deals with a variety of memories she wishes stayed in the past, and most of then involve David Carrington.

I hope you dance is laced with grief and it’s evident that Ruth is suffering. She’s lost her husband, her home and has quit her job – she has nothing! You do feel incredibly sorry for Ruth, but she’s surrounded by people that love her. I like the community spirit and how they all came together to support Ruth and she fits in perfectly. It’s a life she never thought she’d be involved in and as much as it appears boring it’s something Ruth actually enjoys.

Throughout the story you are met with a character that you will simply hate. His name is Carl and he is a nightmare. He becomes infatuated with Ruth and believes they are together. Beth did a fantastic job at making you feel hate and annoyance towards Carl and in some parts I did actually feel like I needed to scream at him to ‘go away’ – he was like a bad smell.

I felt there could be more elements of dance to the story as the only references were short and near the end of the book. I’d quite like to know more about this shared family hobby.

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