Mesdemoiselles CATS: colouring for mindfulness


Which cat are you?
Sophisti-cat or alley cat?
Sad cat or happy cat?
Mangy moggy or posh Persian?
Sleepy cat, acrobat cat or inscrutable cat?
Seducer, bon viveur, explorer?

We all love colouring in, don’t we? It has an effect of calmness and relaxes our busy day or week. I also like to enjoy a cup of tea whilst colouring, it’s heaven.

When Tom handed me this book I squealed in delight. People will know I love cats, so pairing colouring and my feline friends together is always a positive!

Mesdemoiselles CATS: colouring for mindfulness was a gift and I loved it. Illustrators Aurélie Castex and Claire Laude designed the playful images. It’s packed full of sketched drawings of cats in a variety of situations, my favourite has to be lots of cats holding onto balloons – I don’t even know why, it’s just cute.


Here are some of the illustrations I’ve coloured in – please excuse my random colouring!


You can purchase the Cats: colouring for mindfulness on Amazon here.

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