2,500 follower giveaway!

image Pinterest is a great source for animals in hats!

Let’s copy the cute little thing above and wear party hats whilst celebrating with a few drinks and nibbles! Last week, a Book and Tea reached 2,500 followers on Twitter, so I’d just like to say…


I never imagined I would reach 250 followers, let alone 2,500! I’m sure you’ll have heard this all before, but it’s true, you never expect anyone would want to read your Tweets about books and rambles!

Thanks to each and every one of you that follows, likes, tweets, retweets, or even if you’re a watcher, I appreciate it all ๐Ÿ™‚

So, rather than me just saying ‘thank you’ I’ve put together a (small) giveaway that will make one lucky person a winner of a ยฃ10 Amazon Voucher!

– The giveaway is open to the UK only – sorry international readers (I have some ideas to say thank you to you too, so keep checking back!).
– You will need a valid email address – so I can send you the gift!
– The giveaway will close on the 13th December and I promise to send it before Christmas so you can celebrate!

Giveaway is CLOSED!

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38 thoughts on “2,500 follower giveaway!

  1. Vickie Jackson says:

    Well done! I recently got a notification to say I’d been on twitter for 5 years…. Although only really worked out how to use it!!

  2. Theresa Thomas says:

    Wow you are doing amazing with all the follower. I have not had twitter long so I am still trying to gain followers

  3. Natalie hall says:

    Congratulations on your following fan base. I’m excited everyday by getting a new follower never expected it and it’s not much compared to many others but I have just over 140 which is great for me

  4. emmaellams says:

    Well done, wonderful achievement! I’ve got 600 followers on twitter which I’m pleased with…at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kirsti Peters says:

    I am not sure which milestones I have reached. I am fairly new to all this and have got just over the 630 followers mark, and following over 3500, with 13.5k tweets. Hopefully I will reach 1000 followers?

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