Book Review requests – do’s and don’ts

I’m a book blogger that will happily accept (most) review requests. However, there are times when I decline.

If you’re asking a book blogger for their time to read and review your book,  bare in mind how you ask!

Here’s some do’s and don’ts to requesting – I’m not suggesting you should do these for all bloggers, but they are a few pointers for when you’re going to email me. 🙂


Make it personal

The amount of times I’ve received an email request that starts with just a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hi a Book and Tea’ as a greeting. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise my Mum named me that at birth, last time I checked my birth name was Clare (NOT WITH AN I – that’s another pet peeve).

Take the time to find the bloggers name and start your request with this, it means you’ve actually spent time visiting their page and made a note of their name.

Details are everything

Add a blurb of the novel, provide author links, etc. Book bloggers will receive lots of requests so the easier for us to find out more about your book the better. I know they say ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’, but we do have to judge a book by its blurb, so make sure you add the info’.


Rush or pester

Please don’t rush or pester a blogger to read your book quickly or email asking why they haven’t read your book, etc.

In all fairness, I haven’t received many of these emails, but when I did I felt a little upset. I know you’ve kindly donated your book to me, but I can only read as fast as my life and body allows. Most of us do have offline activities, so they will have to come first! I always let authors/publishers know if I cannot commit to a review on time, and that is very rarely – I always review on time.

Don’t get offended

Not all of the blogging world will like your book and that’s okay. Please don’t get offended if someone writes a negative review. I agree that it should be constructive, not personal, but learn from it and move on to better things.

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10 thoughts on “Book Review requests – do’s and don’ts

  1. Great post!!! I’ve not been asked to cover any reviews apart from taking part in virtual blog tours but I can see that it can be a touch annoying being inundated with unpersonal emails. It’s so important to strike the right note.

    Katie | Bookabie

  2. Nice post. I will admit that the ones I tend to consider are the requests that seem like they actually took time to look around my blog. But this is one post authors and publisher need to read.

    1. I totally agree with you! ☺ if we are going to read their book and take the time to review, they should take the time to look at our blog.

  3. fab post!

    I agree – whilst im always grateful ive had a few lately that consist of – hi will you read my book.
    Nothing, no acknowledgement, and further more – no info on the book, and i often think the genres i read are pretty clear so 🙂


  4. Great post! you have such a positive heart. “Please don’t get offended if someone writes a negative review.” I love this line you have there.

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