Storm in a C Cup by Caroline Flack


Format: Hardback
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: 22nd October 2015
Pages: 336 pages

The Blurb
In December 2014 Caroline Flack danced her way into the nation’s hearts when she raised the BBC’s coveted Strictly Come DancingGlitterball. Known for her throatylaugh, edgy humour and quick-fire wit, showcased on some of Britain’s most popular spin-off shows, 2015 saw her thrust into the mainstream, hosting ITV’s flagship talent show, The X Factor, with Olly Murs.

In Storm in a C Cup, Caroline reveals the laughter and pain behind the TV persona, from a sheltered Norfolk childhood shared with her twin sister, through her madcap student days, to the challenging career ladder leading to eventual TV success, not forgetting its dark shadow, when intrusive media attention turned the dream into a nightmare. She takes us behind the cameras at some of TV’s most successful reality shows, including the tensions, stresses and unlikely friendships of the three-month adventure that was Strictly. Caroline wears her heart on her sleeve, documenting her joys and heartbreaks with the humour, resilience and unflinching emotional honesty that have made her of one of television’s most popular celebrities working in television today.

The Review
Most of you will know Caroline from her hosting of the X Factor UK and for her success in Strictly Come Dancing, both if which have shaped her into a great character and personality.

I’m quite a nosey person and love to read about other people’s lives, especially if they are celebrities. I have to admit I know very little about Caroline, so I was excited to jump into her world. I was half expecting it to be a kiss-and-tell, but I was pleasantly surprised, Storm in a C Cup was written honestly and not in a sleazy way.

It all begins in the Norfolk countryside where you learn about Caroline’s childhood and her relationship with her twin sister Jo. I bet it was so much fun having a twin sister. Well, having a sibling would be fun for me, I’m an only child, so don’t know what it’s like! Her family sounds down to earth, yet partially strict and it makes you realise that celebrities are just like you and me, with normal families.

Let’s be honest here, we were all interested in getting to the bit about her relationship with One Direction member Harry Styles. First things first, I couldn’t care less about the age gap, good for her for knowing who she wants to be with and if there’s a difference in age, so what? It touches briefly on their romance and it appears that she quite enjoyed it – good for her!

Storm in a C Cup was really refreshing to read and I’m glad I gave it a go. It’s funny, honest and reassuring. I’m glad one celebrity out there hasn’t corrupted themselves with fame and fortune. Caroline is a normal girl, living a more than exciting lifestyle!

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