5 reasons why being a book blogger is great

5 reasons why being a book blogger is great?

I often get asked why I enjoy being a book blogger and most of the time, I say ‘it’s because it’s fun’. I suppose that’s not really a good enough reason, is it? So, I had a think, whilst drinking lots of tea, and decided on the following 5 reasons – I’m sure I could think of more, but 5 will do for now!

1. You get to read lots and lots of books
An obvious one, but it’s so good to be able to read lots of different books all of the time! I have to admit that your ‘to be read’ pile never decreases, but hey, who will complain at having to read lots of books? No one, that’s for sure!


2. You’ll enjoy a variety of authors
I’ve discovered so many different authors through blogging and most of them I wouldn’t have known existed. The feeling when an author thanks you for reviewing their book is also another positive. I’ve had a few well-known authors tweet me recently and it’s felt amazing.

3. Connecting with publishers is great!
I thank my lucky stars that publishers send me books to read and review. I never started blogging to receive books, it was more to show my passion of reading, so when the postman delivers you goodies, it feels good.

4. The community is full of like-minded people who LOVE to talk books
Great, right? I’ve made some amazing friends from the community and the best thing of all, you can fangirl and squeal about all things book related. Big shout out to Lisa from >lisatalksabout.com for being a great book buddy!


5. Your creative ability and imagination will be in full force
Your blog needs to be updated regularly, so you’ll definitely have to rack your brain for ideas! A notebook and pen will become your new best friend, it’ll contain all your thoughts for new posts and sketches for all blog images. Photoshop will be your go-to, you’ll love getting creative!

What things do you like about being a book blogger? let me know!

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