The Last Thing I Remember by Deborah Bee

the-last-thing-i-remember_deborah-bee.jpg.jpegFormat: Paperback
Publisher: Twenty7
Published:  Ebook, 3rd March 2016, Paperback, 28th July 2016
Pages: 272 Pages

The Blurb
Imagine waking up and being unable to move, unable to see, unable to communicate.
Your past is a blank piece of paper and you don’t even know your own name. But you can hear. And the only way to piece together your life is to listen to the people around you.

Sarah is in a coma. She was mugged. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She didn’t deserve any of it. She’s a nice girl from a nice family. She’s a victim. That’s what they say.

Kelly is in the waiting room. She’s just a kid. A typical schoolgirl. Bullied a bit, probably. She doesn’t know anything. That’s what they say. So why is she there? Why does she keep turning up?

And can Sarah remember what happened to her, and work out who is it that keeps coming into her room at night?

Rating: 5/5

The Review
Thank you to Twenty 7 publishing (Hannah) for the chance to read and review The Last Thing I remember – I’m always pleased to host a blog tour date.

The story is dual narrated by characters Sarah and Kelly. Sarah is in a coma following an accident and Kelly is her young friend. You learn that to the outside world Sarah is unresponsive, but she can hear everything – she is suffering from ‘locked-in syndrome’. Sarah constantly screams: why can’t I make my body move and why can’t no one hear me?

I can’t begin to imagine how horrible it must be to be ‘locked-in’, you can hear everything, you’re trying to move and yet your body just won’t respond. I firmly believe that family and friends need to speak to coma patients, regardless if they think  they will respond  – it must help, surely? Anyway, I’m no medical student.

During the hospital visits, you learn more about Kelly (Sarah’s neighbour) and Sarah’s family (Sister, parents and husband Adam). I have to admit I hated Sarah’s Mother and quite often hoped she’d only be a small fixture in the novel, sadly not. She was like a bad smell and always put Sarah down for other characters mistakes. Her dad on the other hand was lovely, he was devastated about his daughters condition and was always calling her beautiful or his lovely girl.

One thing I kept questioning was why did Sarah and Kelly have such a strong relationship? Kelly was quite immature at the start and Sarah was ‘posh’, quiet and nothing like her counterpart. I would have liked to know about how they become so close. I know they are neighbours, but it just seems awfully odd – I’m not complaining though.

The ending, wow, I did not expect it at all. I obviously won’t spoil it for you (it would be a BIG spoiler), but let’s just say you will question who mugged Sarah on every page turn and you’ll question who the culprit is on several occasions!

I cannot scream loud enough about just how good this book is, I absolutely loved it. This thriller keeps you hooked from page one and I have to admit that I spent a few late nights devouring the story.

The press release reveals that the novel has already been snapped up for TV and I CANNOT wait – the series/pilot is going to be amazing.

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