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I’m sure you’ve all seen the above, but if you haven’t, where have you been? Only joking, here’s the lowdown. For Penguin’s 80th birthday they released 80 classics from around the world to highlight just how amazing literature is! An additional 46 books were introduced in March so now there’s about 126.

The Penguin website says:

Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of the Penguin Classics list – from drama to poetry, from fiction to history, with books taken from around the world and across numerous centuries.

Sounds great, right?

And so for me the collection begins… I’ve decided that I’m going to purchase each one as little treats and at a price range of 80p to £2, how can you go wrong? I can’t wait to see the collection grow and look comfortable on my bookshelf.

I know there are ways to purchase the entire collection, but that’s no fun!

My favourite book I currently own has to be ‘The Book of Tea’ – fitting for my blog hehe.

Have you purchased any of the Little Penguin classics?

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5 thoughts on “Little Black Penguin Books

  1. I recently discovered them in my local bookstore and they look amazing! I didn’t allow myself to buy any because my TBR is huge at the moment, but as they are so small, and pretty, and inexpensive, and just altogether very tempting I might crack soon anyway. Will you do little updates on which ones you enjoy most, please?

    1. You should definitely get some 🙂 even if it’s only one or two each time! Course I will – I’ll update you on which ones I’ve read. ☺

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