#bookreview: Casting Off by P.I Paris

About the book…

Casting Off Book Cover

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Black and White Publishing
Published: 6th September 2016
Pages: 380 Pages

The Blurb
When the residents of a Highland care home discover that the new owners are about to substantially put up the fees, they know that dramatic action is called for. But what can a group of senior citizens possibly do against a big organisation? For Dorothy, the situation is serious. If she can t raise money she’ll have to leave all her friends, like dear Miss Ross.

In protest, the residents barricade themselves into the lounge. However, their rebellion fails, so worldly-wise Joan suggests a most unusual way to cover the rise a very naughty chat line for men who want to talk to older women in a particular way! As their lives take a series of unexpected turns, things get increasingly out of control…

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The Review

When you first pick up the book, the cover shouts: ‘The feel good book of the Year’, which automatically makes you expect great things. I hoped that once I’d finished I’d been feeling great with the world – and do you know what? I really did ‘feel good’.

The story focuses on a cheerful Scottish care home where a group of elderly residents receive a letter detailing that the care home prices are going up, and many of them simply cannot afford it. Cue the group thinking of fundraising ideas to get the monies they need.

One of their ideas is to knit, they knit for pleasure already, so why not try and make money out of doing something they love? I’ve always wanted to be able to knit, but I think I’ll leave that to the experts.

Although they appear happy on the surface, many of the residents do have underlining secrets that they try and keep to themselves. However, in a place where you’re always in each other’s pockets, it’s hard to keep things to yourself and/or from others. We learn about three main characters, Dorothy, Miss Ross and Joan and their lives, plus the other residents they interact with.

It can honestly say that it definitely made me ‘feel good’ because you simply forget about all the other things happening in the world, the knitters are just so jolly and funny. That’s another thing that Casting Off delivers and that’s lots of funny scenarios – I loved it, you can most definitely expect to laugh out loud.

Casting Off was laugh out loud funny and endearing all the same. It makes you think of your own grandparents and how much you’d want them to be a part of a community where they are loved, treated with care and respect, and equally, enjoying their time.

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