Time’s a healer

Hi all.

You may have already seen my little note on Twitter and Instagram, but if not, I’d just like to let you all know that I’m really not well and so, I’m taking time off everything. 

I’m off work, on medication and being supported by a great bunch of people. I’m not sure when I’ll be return, but I most definitely will be back – promise! 

Any book reviews and blog tour commitments will be posted as agreed. ☺

See you soon. X

Published by Clare

Book lover, tea drinker and sushi fiend!

7 thoughts on “Time’s a healer

  1. Oh no 😦 I hope you’re feeling much better soon and those great people continue to take good care of you. And I hope you’re not too unwell to fit in a good book somewhere (even if it’s an audio book).
    Take care 🙂

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