#bookreview: The Good Daughter by Alexandra Burt

The Good Daughter CoverFormat: Paperback
Publisher: Avon Books UK
Published: 23rd February 2017
Pages: 528 Pages

The Blurb
What if you were the worst crime your mother ever committed?

Dahlia Waller’s childhood memories consist of stuffy cars, seedy motels, and a rootless existence traveling the country with her eccentric mother. Now grown, she desperately wants to distance herself from that life. Yet one thing is stopping her from moving forward: she has questions.

In order to understand her past, Dahlia must go back. Back to her mother in the stifling town of Aurora, Texas. Back into the past of a woman on the brink of madness. But after she discovers three grave-like mounds on a neighboring farm, she’ll learn that in her mother’s world of secrets, not all questions are meant to be answered…

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The Review

A staggering 528 pages that left me feeling a mixture of confusion and loss, whilst also leaving me a little disturbed. All of these feelings sound bad, but believe me when I say that this book was a good one.

Dahlia returns to her childhood home, where she experiences the declining nature of her Mother, Memphis. Seemingly a good idea at first, Dahlia soon realises that coming home wasn’t the best plan. A lot of the story revolves around secrets, especially those of her mother and why she kept moving Dahlia around the country. Every time Dahlia feels like she is getting somewhere, her lack of legal documentation or the ability to stay in one place, leaves her in a disadvantage. You can evidently see the frustration radiating out of Dahlia’s pores and I suppose it’s equally as frustrating knowing your mother is suffering from a mental illness, when all you want is answers.

Lots of why questions screamed out at me whilst reading: why does Memphis hide and keep things secret? Why does Dahlia not have a Birth Certificate or legal documentation and also, why am I questioning their mother/daughter relationship? The last question wouldn’t leave my mind because I just felt like there was something more to it. I just didn’t think they had a normal mother and daughter relationship, I believed they were something less biological.

I will definitely agree with some readers out there that this book was a slow-burner and sometimes a little confusing, as I couldn’t piece together who was being talked about, but once I got further into the story, the more it reaped rewards.

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