#bookreview: The Vets at Hope Green by Sheila Norton

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Ebury Press
Published: 1st June 2017
Pages: 336 Pages

The Blurb
A heart-warming and inspiring story about living the simple life, which readers are already likening to All Creatures Great and Small, ‘like a Sunday Night ITV drama’

Sam has always dreamed of working with animals…

But her receptionist job in a London vets is not hitting the spot. Unsure whether a busy city life is for her, she flees to her Nana Peggy’s idyllic country village.

But despite the rolling hills and its charming feel, life in Hope Green is far from peaceful. On first meeting Joe, the abrupt and bad-tempered local vet, Sam knows she must get him on side, but that is easier said than done…

With her dream close enough to touch, will she get there, or will events conspire against her…?

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The Review

Vet’s receptionist Sam is fed up with the London life and so, decides to up-sticks and move to the countryside to stay with her Nan Peggy for a few months. Hope Green is a small village designed to make everyone feel part of the community – the only downside is that everyone will know your business!

During her stay in Hope Green, Sam encounters the rude temperament of local vet, Joe. When he’s looking after the animals he’s loving and caring, but is he nice to humans? not so much. It takes a while for Sam to comprehend why he’s acting the way he does. It’s in Sam’s nature to want to help people, so it’s no surprise that she tries to soften Joe during her stay.

Visiting Hope Green is a well-needed release for Sam, as she can leave all her troubles behind in her busy life in London. More importantly, she can leave people behind, too! On some occasions I did feel like she was missing London, but when she spent her time relaxing with her Nan and becoming a pillar in the Hope Green community, she softened. I’ve never lived in London, but it’s definitely a place that suits a particular type of person – I’m too much of a country bumpkin to join a busy conveyor belt like London. Each to their own, though!

What I loved most about The Vets at Hope Green was the relationship between Sam and her Nan Peggy. I’m incredibly close to my Nan and I love the time I spend with her, so it’s nice to read someone else enjoying their time with loved ones also. Adding in Peggy’s cute little dog Rufus and you’ve got a marriage made in heaven. I always feel it’s the little attentions to detail that make all the difference.

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