#bookreview: Amber Green Takes Manhattan by Rosie Nixon

Amber Green takes Manhattan Cover
Format: Paperback
Publisher: HQ Stories
Published: 29th June 2017
Pages: 427 Pages
Series: Amber Green #2

The Blurb
Novice stylist Amber Green is taking on the glittering celebrity world of Manhattan one fashion disaster and wardrobe malfunction at a time!

When her TV producer boyfriend Rob announces that he’s been offered a job in New York, filming with the infamous Angel Wear lingerie models, Amber knows its her perfect chance to take the New York fashion world by storm.

But Amber wasn’t counting on unruly toddler photo shoots, clandestine designer handbag scams and a Hollywood star who is determined to wear as little as possible on the red carpet. Until she meets a disgraced former designer who could turn her career around…or leave it all in tatters.

Fun, adventure, glamour and high-fashion make this is the perfect feel good women’s fiction read.

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The Review

We re-join Amber Green in the second installment of her “celebrity” life by following her as she moves to New York with her boyfriend, Rob.

Amber Green Takes Manhattan, as you may have already guessed, is the second in the series with The Stylist being the first. Usually, I’d say read the first book, but with this scenario you’ll be fine jumping straight in. This novel could be a standalone and you wouldn’t feel left out.

Amber and Rob embark on their American adventure quite early in their relationship, but both seem comfortable with the decision to move across the pond. Who wouldn’t wanna move to New York? However, you do sense Amber’s nerves because she is leaving a great job behind, but that’ll be fine, right?

I’ve been reading quite a lot of chick-lit recently, so I wasn’t sure if Amber Green Takes Manhattan would be a book too far. But do you know what? I absolutely loved Amber Green and her ways. Amber is the type of character that immediately becomes your favourite because she’s down to earth, normal and funny – a best friend figure. Not only that but she finds herself being placed into embarrassing scenarios that make you feel for her even more. She is great!

Rosie does this amazing thing where she takes an overly romantic situation and adds in some humour – the perfect combination. I liked Rob and Amber’s relationship because it screamed ‘normal’ and you found it easy to relate to them. Sometimes, it’s awfully irritating if a relationship is soppy and they shout ‘we love each other SO much’ all the time. Yes, I know it does exist, but when you’ve read a variety of books with lovey-dovey couples, it all just feels that I’ve read it all before.

Don’t worry, it’s not just all love and romance, the book has so much more included within: fashion, celebrity life and a bit of fun for good measure!

Amber Green Takes Manhattan had an air of ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ about it, which is probably because of the New York and Manhattan lifestyle. I’d love to be able to work in New York, how glamorous would it be?! However, you do realise that it’s probably not the best if you have little money – which Amber and Rob experience from time to time.

If you’re after fun, humour and adventure – this book is for you! I’d recommend you reading by the pool or on the beach. Any excuse for a holiday, right? 😉

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