Wedding Bells…

Well, that was a little unexpected, wasn’t it? You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a blog since 19th July. So, where have I been? One big event happened: I got married! Tom and I have been engaged for just over two years and on August Bank Holiday, last month, we got married. I’m not one for massive public signs of affection, but the day was bloody amazing and I’ve married my best friend and soul mate 💙

Now that the excitement and wedding planning has died down and Autumn is fast approaching (yay), I’m back into reading and blogging, and I’m super excited. Reviews and video blogs will be coming at you in full force. I bet you can’t wait!

Love and books,

Clare x

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  1. Congratulations Clare, you look so beautiful and happy, please describe your wedding bouquet in detail!!!

    1. Thank you Michelle. ☺ please excuse my ignorance when it comes to flowers, I had recommendations from the florist. I had white roses, hydrangeas and baby’s breath. I could be very wrong though! X

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