#bookreview: All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Format: Hardback
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Published: 13th July 2017
Pages: 354 Pages

The Blurb
Feelings are part of life – feelings are life. If you take away what people feel, you take away anything meaningful. Wanting to diminish the evil in this world is a good cause, one I have fought for the majority of my life, but not like this…

Cherry has a hidden talent. She can see things other people can’t and she decided a long time ago to use this skill to help others. As far as the rest of the town is concerned she’s simply the kind-hearted young woman who runs the local bakery, but in private she uses her gift to add something special to her cakes so that after just one mouthful the townspeople start to feel better about their lives. They don’t know why they’re drawn to Cherry’s bakery – they just know that they’re safe there and that’s how Cherry likes it. She can help them in secret and no one will ever need to know the truth behind her gift.

And then Chase arrives in town and threatens to undo all the good Cherry has done. Because it turns out she’s not the only one who can see what she sees…

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The Review

Well, it’s certainly no secret that I love Carrie and her beautiful ways. However, I will admit that All That She Can See is the first book of hers that I have read – how shameful?

You may recognise Carrie from her current stint as Wednesday Addams in the UK production of The Addams family, as well as from her YouTube Channel. If you don’t know, you can find out more about her here.

All That She Can See is all about Cherry Redgrave, a baker with a hidden talent. She’s empathetic and caring and makes some delicious cakes. They say ‘the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach’, and Cherry uses this mantra at her bakery. Cake always makes you feel happy, doesn’t it? I love cake!

Although a work of fiction, with a hint of fantasy, I do believe the story, concepts and characters are close to modern day living. The people in Carrie’s story are attached to ‘beings’ called Meddlums, which are manifestations of their innermost feelings. If they’re feeling a certain way, the Meddlums will transpire to be that. This is where Cherry uses her baking skills and adapts the recipes to suit the people and their Meddlums. All Cherry wants to do is help people and to make them feel content.

I think if people could see how other’s were feeling, they’d understand mental health and well-being more. We need to accept that we’re going to have good days, and equally, we’re going to have bad days and that’s fine! Carrie’s wordings were fresh and thoughtful and this helped approach the subject.

When Chase arrives into the small town, Cherry’s world turns upside down. She’s worked hard to make people feel happy, so why is he coming here trying to cause trouble? Stop it, Chase!

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