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Are you a slave to your mobile phone? Wait until you see what happens to Daisy in It Started with a Tweet. Join me on the #blogtour!

About the Book

It started with a tweet Format: E-book (Kindle)
Published: 7th December 2017
Publisher: Bonnier Zaffre
Pages: 416 Pages
Genre: Contemporary, Chick Lit, Romance.

The Blurb

Can Daisy Hobson log off for love…?

Could you survive a digital detox? This hilarious new romantic comedy from the author of The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart is perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Sophie Kinsella.

Daisy Hobson lives her whole life online. A marketing manager by day, she tweets her friends, Instagrams every meal and arranges (frankly, appalling) dates on Tinder. But when her social media obsession causes her to make a catastrophic mistake at work, Daisy finds her life going into free-fall…

Her sister Rosie thinks she has the answer to all of Daisy’s problems – a digital detox in a remote cottage in Cumbria, that she just happens to need help doing up. Soon, too, Daisy finds herself with two welcome distractions: sexy French exchange-help Alexis, and Jack, the brusque and rugged man-next-door, who keeps accidentally rescuing her.

But can Daisy, a London girl, ever really settle into life in a tiny, isolated village? And, more importantly, can she survive without her phone?

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The Review

A story about a city girl that lives in the modern world full of wondrous technology.

As the title says It Started with a Tweet and for Daisy it really did. Daisy has two Twitter accounts: a personal one and one for work. She posts an embarrassing tweet, and can you guess which account she posted it on? Yep, you probably guessed right – her work account. Cue her getting fired from her job and being upset with the disaster that is her life. However, her sister takes her on a device detox in the middle of nowhere. Hell? I’d suggest so, but does everyone else think the same?

Everyone can relate to Daisy and her addictive ways. I do spend a lot of time on my phone, but I wouldn’t say I was addicted. Others may disagree – which is probably not a good thing! We live in a world where technology rules our lives and sometimes taking a break will do us good.

Brilliantly funny and easily relatable. Daisy is a great character with her quick wit, overdramatic ways and her ability to know when she’s wrong. She’s someone I’d love to be friends with because I could be myself and not have to worry. I would tell her to stop using her phone all the time, though!

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