#bookreview: Happy Days of the Grump by Tuomas Kyrö

About the Book

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Manilla
Published: 21st September 2017
Pages: 252 Pages
Genres: Humour, Translated, Contemporary.

The Blurb

Everybody recognises the Grump, everybody knows a grump. And maybe there’s a little grump in every one of us…

The Grump, at eighty years old, is more focused on death than life; building his own coffin and keen to write his will in ink – who can trust technology, after all? – he knows that everything was much better in the old days.

But when the Grump finds himself in hospital in a semi-conscious state after falling down his basement steps, his life passes before his eyes. Thinking of the people closest to him and reflecting on the changes society has brought about, he realises he must come to terms with the cards life has dealt him.

With wry humour and sharp observations on family and relationships, The Happy Days of the Grump is a black comedy, sure to bring a smile to the face of even the grumpiest among us.

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The Review

I read Happy Days of the Grump whilst travelling to and from London, during November. The fact I read it so quickly proves just how great this book was!

Meet ‘the Grump’ an 80-year-old gentleman who wants to tell you his story. You learn about all the things he isn’t happy about, possibly the reason why he’s called the ‘grump’. The main aspect of the story is that he wants to build his own coffin and is only going to write his will using traditional ink pen and paper.

Take a moment to imagine a family relative whom talks about ‘the good old days’ a lot and likes to compare the things you do now with the things they did in the past. I can sense you rolling your eyes at the realisation of what I mean. However, as much as you want to scream ’embrace the change’, I do think he had a point – in some places, anyway. Don’t be put off by this, the grump’s comical ways and blunt nature add texture and make you feel warmth towards him.

In one chapter, he mentions how he believes people are so used to taking photos of everything that they don’t step back and take in the situation with their own eyes. That got me thinking. Let’s just say I’m guilty of taking pictures of my food and posting it on Instagram (I know!). I wouldn’t say I’m a Selfie Queen, but I could probably leave my phone in my pocket a few times and take in my surroundings.

The grump brings you a scenario: you’re only allowed to take six photos for the rest of your life, what six things would you choose to take a photo of? I can think of four. For me, they would be a family portrait during a holiday in Florida, my Graduation, a picture of my friends and I, and my Wedding Day. Just two left! What photos would you take?

If you’re after a quick-read filled with nostalgia this is the book for you!

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