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In a previous post, I mentioned that I’d be including additional sewing and foodie posts to my blog. So, today, I’m ever-so-excited to type my first sewing review/show-and-tell. ๐Ÿ˜€

Now, I’d just like to start by saying I am definitely a beginner and if you notice any wonky hems, just turn a blind eye! You don’t realise how shaky you are until you try and cut fabric and sew in a straight line. Please tell me it gets easier?! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Here we have the Joy Dress! (I’ll get better at photography, I promise).

Find joy in your life

I picked up the first UK edition of La Maison Victor magazine (March 2018) at my local supermarket. The magazine includes a variety of sewing projects (not just clothes) for beginners and experts alike. I particularly liked the fun and fresh design that stood out on the shelf.

La Maison Victor Magazine Front Cover

At the time, I had no other patterns to work with and I was itching to get my sewing machine moving. The magazine includes a variety of patterns, so it was an instant way to get going. Also, the pattern I found required no zips – hurrah!

Joy Dress La Maison Victor Magazine

I opted to start with the Joy Dress because according to the magazine’s difficulty key it was suitable for beginners. Plus, it also suited my style because I forever live in skater dresses.

What are my thoughts?

All the patterns are condensed onto large sheets that are including in the middle of the magazine. Personally, this format was incredibly confusing for me and even resulted in me cutting the wrong pattern piece. It might be my lack of experience but I felt that each should have its own sheet, otherwise if you are a beginner you’re liable to get things wrong – like me!

Regardless of my little mishap at the beginning, I think it was a successful make! Sewing the pieces together was incredibly easy and I even attached the sleeves with no problems at all. If you’re looking for an easy to make garment then this is the one for you. Once you get the pattern pieces cut out you can make the dress in no time at all.

Pick up the latest edition of La Maison Victor at your local newsagent/supermarket/magazine seller now. Alternatively, you can visit for more info!

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