Bon Voyage…

I’m just stopping by to let you know I will be taking a little break from blogging as I’m going on holiday on Monday to Barcelona! I’m due to return back to the blogging world 15th June.

I will be contactable on Twitter and email, so keep in touch!

Love and Books,

Clare xx

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A little name change

wpid-2015-04-13-22.38.50.png.pngHello everyone. ☺

Just a quick blog post to let you all know I have changed my Instagram username to abookandteablog. I wanted to make sure that all my social  accounts shared the same username and so Instagram was changed.

If you’re already my friend, you don’t need to do anything – simply continue to enjoy my photos. However, if you’ve never seen my account, add me now and I’ll definitely return the favour!

Instagram – @abookandteablog

Love and Books,

Clare xx

Happy 1st Birthday A Book and Tea!

Wow, doesn’t the time fly when you’re having fun? I’m having a celebration and a good one, at that. I might grab a bottle of Rum. (Responsible Drinking).

I started blogging on A Book and Tea a year ago and it’s definitely been a beautiful and fulfilling journey! Never did I expect to have as many followers as I do, I didn’t think i’d be able to read amazing books for free and also I didnt expect to make as many friends as I have.

I’ve met so many lovely bloggers and book lovers and I wouldn’t change anyone for the world. Thank you for accepting me and treating me with love and friendship. A special thank you and love to Emma, my fellow Liverpool buddy, you were the first person I spoke to and encouraged me to do my best and i’ll always be grateful for that. Plus, I’ve had some great book related experiences with you – Rainbow Rowell Signing and Mrs Brown’s Boys – and more! You’re a star! I’m sure we’ll continue to do a lot more fun and exciting things.

A special mention also to Em, Jenny, Simona and Lisa for being fab’ ladies 🙂 I love the mail you send me and all your support.

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the great publishers and authors who interact with me and give me the opportunity to review books. I never went into book blogging to get free books, I never thought you did, I started blogging so I could read lots of different things and to make friends with similar interests. Thank you to each and every one of you that has allowed me to be a part of such amazing things.

100th follower GIVEAWAY

Woo hoo, I have hit 100 blog followers! (Well, it’s now 115!). Thank you so much to everyone that has pressed that follow button and shown their love for ‘A Book and Tea’. I know lots of people say it, but I did not expect to get 10 let alone 100, so thank you!

As a celebration I decided to film my first ever video! It’s not amazing and it’s one continuous video (no editing) so please excuse how amateur it looks. It was made to say thank you to you all!

(After uploading to YouTube there was a weird buzzing, sorry about that! Plus I like to use my hands.)

As mentioned in the video above, you can win the following prizes:

– A £10/$10 Amazon Voucher
– E-Book of Beneath the Blossom Tree by Laura Bailey
– E-Book of Safe and Sound by TS Krupa
– Paperback of Awakening Around Roses by Michelle Endersby
– A Twinnings Tea selection

So, what are you waiting for get entering!


The face behind ‘A Book and Tea’

I have written a post like this before, but due to the fact I have made new friends, had an increase in followers and spoken to a lot more people, I thought you’d all like to know a little more about me. I don’t tend to post many photos of my ‘face’ anywhere so a lot of people see me as random icons or lots of book related words, so it’ll be nice to put a face to a name.

I’ve answered a few things below, so I hope you enjoy!

Where in the UK do you live?
I live in North Wales not too far from Chester and the Wirral. I live in a pretty house with my boyfriend Tom and the dog Mac.

Can you speak Welsh?
Only a little bit. I went to school in Wales so by law you have to learn Welsh until you go to college, then it’s up to you.

‘Clare ydw I. Sut wyt ti? Dwi’n hoffi te a llyfrau, ydych chi?‘ – this translates to ‘I am Clare, how are you? I like tea and books, do you?’

Also, my personal favourite ‘Dwi’n arogl baw mochyn’ – I smell pig poo (although, it’s actually translated as pig excrement) I don’t even know why I know that sentence!

How old are you?
A lady shouldn’t have to reveal her age 😉 Only joking, I’m happy to tell you; I’m 26.

We all know you’re a book blogger, but do you have a 9-5 job?
That I do! I work as a Website Manager in a Digital Agency. I do lots of social networking, code and program websites, plus marketing businesses like a pro’. Well, I try my best anyway!

Other than reading and blogging, what else do you get up to?
When I’m not reading I walk lots and lots, bake yummy treats, spend time with friends and family and I love to shop, which girl doesn’t? I’m on a 1200 calorie diet at the moment so I’m always looking for meals that taste yummy and are healthy, Sushi seems to be a current favourite!

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Everyone loves a Book and Tea

There have been a few developments and updates with the blog recently and I’d like to let you all know about them. I don’t tend to write posts like the one I am, but hey, it’s something new isn’t it?

A Book and Tea is now on Facebook
Yeah, you’ve read correctly. I’ve taken the plunge and created a Facebook page. I’m not really a Facebook kind of girl, but I think my blog would benefit from the new jump!

So, if you haven’t liked it already please go and click the button at

I now accept children’s books for requests
I have several nieces and nephews that would benefit from this new addition. We always read things together so if I can share the love and get them reading more, it’s a great big positive for me!

If any authors or publishers would like the little ones and me to read and review, please email!

The awareness of ‘A Book and Tea’ is spreading far and wide
Recently I’ve had a lot of blog visitors, followers of the blog and social media interaction. I’m completely overwhelmed with how many of you have been showing your love for ‘A Book and Tea’. A post last week received 135 visitors and many, many views. Plus today I had my 92 follower. I can’t even describe how happy I am with this. I never started this blog to even get 1 follower so to have 92 lovely ones is brilliant. I love each and everyone of you.

This also leads me onto another point….

100 blog follower giveaway
I know I’m being very premature, but when I hit 100 blog followers I’m going to host a great big giveaway. Currently, I have a few books and some bits and bobs that I will include in the package. However, if any of you lovely authors would love to join in, get in contact on Twitter at @abookandtea or email me here. You will obviously get lots of promotion and lots of love.

So, there you have it! There are some bits and bobs to keep you entertained until I post my review of ‘Paradigm’ by Ceri A. Lowe on Wednesday.