Widdershins: 1600’s Witchcraft trails

Morning all, I hope you enjoy your weekend – I know I did! Lots of things have been going on in my life, so it’s nice to finally sit down and blog! Today, I am part of the ‘Widdershins’ tour. Debut author Helen Steadman sees her novel Widdershins published this Saturday (July 1st), which uncovers the storyContinue reading “Widdershins: 1600’s Witchcraft trails”

Book Review: The Joyce Girl by Annabel Abbs

Format: Paperback Publisher: Impress Books Published:  16th June 2016 Pages: 350 Pages The Blurb 1928 Avant-garde Paris is buzzing with the latest ideas in art, music, literature and dance. Lucia, the talented and ambitious daughter of James Joyce, is making her name as a dancer, training with some of the world s most gifted performers. WhenContinue reading “Book Review: The Joyce Girl by Annabel Abbs”

Electric Shadows of Shanghai by Clare Kane

Format: E-book (Kindle) Publisher: Watchword (digital imprint of Impress Books) Published: 18th December 2015 Pages: 218 Pages The Blurb It’s 1931 and British diplomat William Graves and his wife, Amelia, are flung headfirst into the enticing, neon-lit streets of Shanghai. As Will helps to maintain the fragile peace between China and Japan, Amelia, alone in a foreignContinue reading “Electric Shadows of Shanghai by Clare Kane”