#bookreview: Out of Practice by Phoebe Fox

When your relationship is on life support, the Breakup Doctor is on call. About the book… Format: E-book (Kindle) Publisher: Henery Press Published: 18th October 2016 Pages: 274 Pages Series: Breakup Doctor 4 The Blurb There’s no shortage of broken hearts in Breakup Doctor Brook Ogden’s successful breakup counseling practice—if love is a battlefield, then Brook isContinue reading “#bookreview: Out of Practice by Phoebe Fox”

Heart Conditions by Phoebe Fox

Format: E-book (Kindle) Publisher: Henery Press Published: 9th February 2016 Pages: 278 Pages Series: The Breakup Doctor Series #3 The Blurb Breakup Doctor Brook Ogden has spent the last year sifting through the fallout from the disastrous decision that led to her unconscious uncoupling with boyfriend Ben Garrett. Despite advising her clients you can’t be friends withContinue reading “Heart Conditions by Phoebe Fox”

What I read this March

Hello all, it’s the end of another month and time for another ‘What I read’ post. I mentioned in my March entry that I started a new job and I am loving it – it’s such a great place to work and everyone is lovely 🙂 March’s TBR list consisted of five books and IContinue reading “What I read this March”

Bedside Manners – Phoebe Fox

Format: E-Book (Kindle) Publisher: Henery Press Published: 24th March 2015 Pages: 266 Pages Series: Breakup Doctor #2 The Blurb Brook Ogden has never encountered a broken heart she couldn’t patch together. Her counseling practice as the Breakup Doctor—on call to help you shape up after a breakup—is so busy she’s expanded to offer group sessions.Continue reading “Bedside Manners – Phoebe Fox”

The Breakup Doctor – Phoebe Fox

Format: E-Book (Kindle) Publisher: Henery Press Publish Date: 10th June 2014 Pages: 310 Pages Series: The Breakup Doctor Series The Blurb Call Brook Ogden a matchmaker-in-reverse. Let others bring people together; Brook, licensed mental health counselor, picks up the pieces after things come apart. When her own therapy practice collapses, she maintains perfect control: landingContinue reading “The Breakup Doctor – Phoebe Fox”