Book Review: The Arrival of Missives by Aliya Whiteley

Format: Paperback Published: 9th May 2016 Publisher: Unsung Stories Pages: 120 Pages The Blurb The Arrival of Missives is a genre-defying story of fate, free-will and the choices we make in life. In the aftermath of the Great War, Shirley Fearn dreams of challenging the conventions of rural England, where life is as predictable asContinue reading “Book Review: The Arrival of Missives by Aliya Whiteley”

Dark Star by Oliver Langmead

Format: eBook (Kindle) Publisher: Unsung Stories Published: 11th March 2015 Pages: 224 Pages The Blurb The city of Vox survives in darkness, under a sun that burns without light. In Vox’s permanent night, light bulbs are precious, the rich live in radiance and three Hearts beat light into the city. Aquila. Corvus. Cancer. Hearts thatContinue reading “Dark Star by Oliver Langmead”

The Beauty – Aliya Whiteley

Format: E-book (Kindle) Publisher: Unsung Stories Published: September 2014 Pages: 104 Pages The Blurb Somewhere away from the cities and towns, a group of men and boys gather around the fire each night to listen to their stories in the Valley of the Rocks. For when the women are all gone the rest of yourContinue reading “The Beauty – Aliya Whiteley”